Professional Car Window Tinting


Established business with over 25 years experience.  Tinting vehicles and business one pane at a time.

High standards of fitting, professional grade materials used.


We use a range of professional window films from our sister company Tintfit Window Films Ltd.

Looking for Solar Control or any other window film to be applied to your flat glass such as your office or conservatory?  Head on over to Supira Installations for more information.

Years in Business

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Why Tint Your Car Windows?

Tinting your car windows can change the aesthetics of your car by using various grades and shades of professional film.  That’s not the only reason to have your vehicles windows tinted:

  •  UV Radiation Absorption – Protect your vehicles interior from fading and cracking.  There are also the obvious health benefits of blocking UV rays, skin protection being a high priority.
  • Glare Reduction  –  Reduce the glare that enters your vehicle by up-to 94%.

Heat Reduction – Using tint on your vehicle can also reduce the amount of heat from the sun passing through the panes of glass making it more comfortable.


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How Do We Fit?

Our team of professional fitters use a special film that is bonded to the inside of the window with an adhesive. Of course this glue can be easily removed if you ever need it off.

Windows that are bonded to the car will have the film fitted in place while any windows that can be removed, are, to ensure that the best possible results are achieved.

Can All Windows Be Fitted?

You are allowed to put any film that you want onto the rear of your car. The windscreen however, cannot be tinted and according to law the driver and passenger windows cannot have less than 70% light let through.

We do have films that are legal for the front driver and passenger windows, call us to discuss these options and find out more, or why not come and visit us in our workshop and view some of our work that we have outside.